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What traumas and sad histories end up causing and how to prevent

When people get traumatised, many of them unconciously start acting like the ones who damaged them in a similar situation. In that drama, they remember them as losers. Therefore, somehow, their minds start imitating the ones who (they think) beated them.


It is as if their minds get taken away by those who traumatised them. They see them as losers. That’s why they become the ones who beated them.


There is nothing sadder than that. This is when evils eat the good ones. The ones who had got hurt automatically gain scary masks to wear to act just like the ones who scares them and took away their lives. Evils win as long as the victims carry bags of pain on their back. It is as if they carry a big cross instead of wings. No wings, but just the reckless insanity that nobody would like. Has they done anything bad? No, they just left the wounds without healing. Nobody would understand how wonderful the person was once he has his switch turned on – the scary switch the violence had buried in his mind.


Why could some nations act crazy with weapons? Why could such a sweet little boy commit cruel crimes? None of these make sense to the other people.


We shall be smarter than we are individually when we act in groups. We shall take greater methods to solve world problems than what our ancestors had done. Learning from the past, we shall always grow and move forward, not backward. Every power, good, bad, wrong, insane, all of them are the power to live. We do own such enormous power to live. That itself is for sure. Our intelligence must be able to handle it well.

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