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Replace your mindset by daily affirmations

Besides typical success idea and what comes with it, everyone could be successful with multiple angles and unlimited potential taken into consideration.

That said, even if you think you are not successful, you might turn successful with just a little twist you set in your head.

Replace your negative thoughts with powerful affirmations.

Affirmations are the sentences and words you tell to your subconscious mind. It is an easy daily job you can do to connect yourself with your higher purpose.

From soul mission point of views, anything material does not really matter. You and your soul exists with hidden missions that you need to carry out – well, let’s say, you WANT to carry out successfully. But you are so smart that you have so many matrices to measure your success just like your company or your business partner. But we are human beings. We do better.

Here is a good way to know what you are thinking deep inside of yourself and how to fix them:

  1. Notice what you want to say when you want to bitch about things. What comes out of your month? Imagine you can call someone who you can talk about anything. What are the words you are using to describe your situations? “I don’t know anymore..”, “I can’t stand…”, “They never get it..”, “I hate it …”.
  2. Find the one you say repeatedly, for example, “Oh I am tired.”. If this becomes your signal to stop your work and rest, then you automatically input your pattern of stopping your work when you get to the point you feel “Oh I am tired.”. This then leads you to look back at your life from the point you are “Oh I am tired.”. Same as “I can’t do this”. If your action pattern is to stop what you do with “I can’t do this”, then you look back at everything thinking “I can’t do this”.
  3. Let’s replace your negative thoughts with something that is opposite. For example, if you always look at your bank note and feel like “Money never stays with me”, then it is a good chance to stop that and replace it with something like, “More and more wealth coming to me”. Try to find the moment you can feel your wealth rather than how not rich enough you are compared to your “I should be this much rich otherwise I am not successful” metric.

You can quietly say this during your meditation, or even write it down on your little notepad so that you always remember that you are actually who you wish to be. Another reason why this is recommended is that this will stop you from telling your subconscious mind how unsuccessful you are. The more you focus on your failure and count it in your history files, the deeper you put yourself down.


I don’t know – that was easy

I am tired – I can’t believe how energetic I feel

I don’t have money – I have so much.

I hate doing this – I would love this if….


……,You get the idea.



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