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Surprising facts about our sex life

Many of us nowadays have too much sex with too many people and losing quality of it in the end. It is such an old time habit that there are people who get out of it and live with less of it. But it is not rare to suffer from sexless, or sex addiction.

In the modern civilized diverse world, women can get laid easily, but it doesn’t mean that they get easily fulfilled. It does not always depend on who they sleep with, either.

Female bodies are designed to get pregnant around 14-16, and being single after those ages itself might be unnatural for both men and women from the beginning, so if that is the case random sex(es) would be just like bandages to your soul.

Just like how professionals recommend self loving masterbation, having sex itself isn’t that bad. However, it often makes people want to have more even if they don’t need any, or if they shouldn’t.

In addition, women can have many sex, but it really isn’t the same when they want a casual one as a man want one with no strings attached. It is fair to say that it is rather difficult to have win-win sex relationship. How men feel about it and how it serves them are different from those with women.

Then what could be done? A woman can seduce a man and have sex, but then what is missing?

The answer is sanctity and self-care. You need to keep listening to your body giving signals to you, and if necessary, you need to be able to kick him out of bed in the middle of it.

True sexual happiness requires personal growth. The maturer you get, the greater pleasure you can have. Click To Tweet

The higher power can sometimes control lower power. Unless you know yourself and you love yourself, even though casual sex is what any high schoolers can do, it becomes dangerous.

If any ”easy ways to make boy/girlfriends rules” put you down, it is not good for you, either. Praising those who have what you don’t have is good, but your relationship does never have to be the same with anyone. Therefore your rule is your rule.

So besides the tips and technicks, love yourself, listen to your voice, know yourself and care for yourself. Your love toward yourself would then lead you to those who just can’t stop loving you. With them, you will truly enjoy your relationship!

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