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Possible reasons why we get mistreated and how to recover

Why we get mistreated even though we are all human beings with splended talents?

There are not any right answers for such questions, but it might be because we cannot take it out of our heads. It is shocking to be wronged. It might be because we are too close with our sadness and fear that had made us feel like only we never get anyone who treated you right.

Anyone who has to ignore your existense are generally not great at human relationship. Anyone who have to be rude to you are probably not happy. In fact, it is them who might need a help.

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The recovery step from this is as follows.


  1. Never take it personally. He/she was like that for his/her reason and you should never feel responsible for what had happened. The most important thing is to focus on finding the way out of this.
  2. Release all the stress you have gotten from that. You deserve to live happily.
  3. Never pay back. You have to avoid creating bad relationship with the one who hurted you. If every single action of what you do is your self-promotion to the universe, and if ever you revenge on personal level, you would let the universe think that that is how you are. You are supposed to be the king/queen of your life. However, once you turn evil following your desire to hurt him/her to the degree that satisfies you/your ego, your automatic self-promotion system start showing you as someone who is as evil as those who did that to you.
  4. Leave the relationship. Or consider learning methods to handle such relations.
  5. Let go of the sadness and anger you have. Refresh and never even remember.


It is your precious life that nobody ever have any rights or what so ever to disturb. Suffering from the past event and being under such influence are never good for you. If you are in a relationship you cannot enjoy yourself, just leave. They deserve someone else, and you deserve better friends.


We tend to think that we have to be better than someone who were harmful to you or that we have to beat them somehow, but the best is to leave them. During the recovery steps, we may pick up some more learnings that will keep us away from future troubles.

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