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Cults, Religions and more

Why people join Cults? How could that happen to people?

You might wonder something like that, and think that it is not a kind of “mistake” you would make. But in fact, what brings people to cult is there in your mind, too, and therefore it is never “other people’s business” but is yours, too.

Remember the days when you dated with “cool people” who never loved you at all? Remember the days when you pretended that you liked to smoke, too, because your friends did? Remember the days when you thought working so hard for your company was the most beautiful and the greatest thing ever in the whole entire world? Remember the days when you started feeling like being social was just a part of your job?

These are the extreme fatigue and symptoms of depression. The combination of depression and suppression might be the key to answer those questions.



When people’s hearts are stuck in its hopelessness, it gets lost in its own depression. When depressed, people started to feel different about other people. The hidden factors for this is the unworthiness and the guilty feeling that they have got. It will be incredibly hard if you are suffering from this type of diseases to attract something wonderful because you are too sad about the reality and are not capable of seeing any hopes.



Education including suppress children’s feelings not caring them can make them ignore themselves for the rest of their lives. Because those who are supposed to give them what they need to live ignore them, automatically the children will learn to do so to get along with them. Then it will be very difficult for them to constantly get connected with their true selves and in fact their true selves will start act violently to move themselves. Once they find the way to live in extreme religions such as cults, regardless of how they really feel about them, their left alone inner child will fall in love with them.


Millennial Generation nowadays choose to have their own way of thinking based on what they have. Ideally, they are the creative people leading the past generation to the next level. However, if they have not been raised healthily or taken good care of themselves, because of the difficulty to live otherwise, they can be deceived by such groups who do not lead people in the right directions.

Similarly, the way people governed people in the history have never allowed people to have free thinking. In Japan, people are used to think of their teachers, politicians, doctors as “sensei” who are unconditionally absolutely right about what they do. People used to believe them no matter what, and it was considered to be very rude to even suspect them. Because such governing was the way we have done in the past, not only in Japan but also in many places in the world, it can be bellied in our genes somehow to justify blindly believing as the right thing to do. However if that was what we have done, our tasks now is to break the rule and to create the new – be independent from what we are given connected with our own sources of energy.


We, human beings, see the world based on what we can ever understand. We see what we can see. We hear the sound we can hear. So that means, we understand the God (Gods) we can ever understand, and it does not matter much whether it is true or not. What we get is what we can get. You are the center of your own world, and what makes you feel good are your own resources.


What fulfill your desires are not always good for yourself. Difficulties are there to make you shine even more. Click To Tweet


The world that your ego wants to achieve is something like what we see in movies like, ”Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodom” for example.  Letting go of your ego might feel like you are leaving your best friend. But in any case, it would not lead you to the greatest of yourself.


Seeing the world with love will let you free from the endless sadness you might feel for the world if you do. If you are too smart for something that you have been taught to believe in, you will either force yourself to follow that idea or run away from it and find another one. However, what we should do first is to get over the negative feeling toward the world. It is not always that one is wrong and the other is right. And it is not always that one makes you unhappy and the other makes you happy. There must be something you can still learn. Having something wrong can also be a splendid opportunity of your own to discover something greater.


Life is hard, that is what many people say, and yes, it might be hard. It might be harder for some people. But if you take an easy way out, you will dismiss the gem you could have, and the same challenge will come back to you again. So let us take this issue seriously, appreciate it, and allow ourselves to learn more from it.


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