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How to Graduate from Hate

Knowing the mechanism of why certain things/people give you the feeling of hating, and eventually rescue you from cut the part of yourself apart which was a source of what you really hates.

Hating is sticky and can follow you around looking as if it is your friend. You and your ‘hate’ feeling, can no longer live together on the higher status of mind, which lets you live the greater life.

When you meet something you hate, admit that you have the similar things in yourself, and try to live without becoming what you dislike. If you are more into style, you might not like people who cannot care about it, but by disliking them, you are positioning yourself in the category you want you to be in…. so simple! You want the separation and the barriers so that you can stay ‘you’.

It can be said to almost everyone, and there is nothing wrong about it, but to make it easy for you, here are a few suggestions:


  1. Learn the objects you hate, and be curious. If the person has something you want to have but can’t, be even more curious and admire, not envy. “Wow!” would be the word for your mind to start re-writing your emotion.
  2. Forgive them being their ways. You are so strict that you do not allow you to go against what you like. But please forgive them being what you hate in front of you. They can be them.
  3. Learn more, and find something you dislike the most. Look back about yourself, and without feeling shy or shameful about it, admit that you have that/do that too. For example, you are into style, but sometimes you devour cookies like a hungry tiger anywhere. Then you might not be caring the part of yourself who are being a hungry tiger while you see yourself as a cute little bambi.
  4. Forgive yourself being what you do not like, find some reasons or excuse for yourself, and let go.
  5. Face back at the people/events/things that you hated with love, and treat them as a part of you, not something that is not you.
  6. Start creating even greater you in your mind without hat


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You do not have to make friends with everyone if you do not like them, but hating them means that your mind stage is low and you are trying to survive, not expressing yourself or shine even more. It is important to cut yourself out from the ‘fighting zone’ by loving/understanding whatever is around you appeared in your world, so that you can overcome the challenge and learn about the world more. It will deepen your heart.

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