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Getting other people’s s*it? No, see that with more love. You are a lucky leader!

Sometimes people say, “I always get other people’s unsolved problems falling to me”. Have you ever felt like that? I have. When I saw my life through the colored glass that says, “I should be happy”, I used to see that as that… But it is not really really true.

It is the ultimate chance to be the better problem solver of your friends who had have difficulties doing so.

Getting other people’s s*it…it reveals many other information.

  • It means that you believe that you do not have to take care of other people’s business.
  • It means that your friends who could not solve their problems and pass them onto you unconsciously seem like they have gotten an easy path.
  • It means that you are not realizing the benefit of it.

First of all, it is a great chance for you to create a loving relationship with the original person you feel like you were thrown a hard task from (irresponsibly, as you believe that not you but he/she is the one who should be carrying this task). Think of it as a father (or mother)’s case when he takes care of his children. Through the process of supporting, many times good leaders (fathers and mothers in this case) bend down to see the same sight with their children. Without doing so, one cannot lead the other ones properly. Now, if you are given a chance to solve other people’s tasks, which you do not have to usually, it really is the chance to transform the relationship with them. You will understand them more comprehensively, and you will be able to earn more respect and to guild them. It is like, friends helping with each other. Better than being a stranger!

Secondly, it means that you are capable to solve that and you have the power to do so. Think of it as a large wealthy shining energy ball coming to you because your friends could not receive it. In the world beyond good or bad, or lucky or unlucky, it is another shape of gift, that originally belonged to someone else. It has something that you cannot feel or have by yourself at all.

Thirdly, from a oneness point of view, it is a chance for you to grow. You are what you see. So why the problems lying in front of you isn’t yours? If you believe that you are not a type of a person who would have such problems, please remember that you are not even capable to see everything in the world. Some people see a thousand of patterns in the color green, for example, and others think they are all the same green color. Some people hear so many different rhythms in one music tune, and others can hear only identify vocal and something other than vocal.

Lastly, it might mean that you have some rooms to improve your assertive communication skill, which involves your skill to manage yourself and your capacity, draw a line between tasks, and to get connected with others without prioritizing their requests too much. If you love your friend, draw a line, and love you who want to grow and become what you wish to be in the same way you do to your friends. Have you been a good listener to yourself? Would you ignore your friends request like you always do to your soul shouting that “I need a rest!!??”.


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