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How To Stay Rich In A Personal Financial Crisis

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When we don’t see enough money in our bank accounts, we feel poor and try to gain more to have more.
But that’s not the only way to become rich.

Sometimes, happiness is in the darkness, not in the light.

The benefit of not being rich in our actual money is infinite and could be fascinating.. as we somehow enjoy sudden accidents like a city blackout, for example. Even in a chaotic situation, there were some people who can enjoy such situation. When we can not see the light, when we are in the darkest time, the truth is that we are surrounded by love just like how we feel so when under the light. In the pitch darkness, you can feel more close to those who live outside of your eyesight. Ghost? Air? God? Or..anscesters? Don’t we want to feel closer to them? Are we wanting that? Do we really want the existing money richness now?

Here, we would like you to understand what exactly “richness” is. Here are some examples of the “richness” that we can have by being financially “poor”.

We can really be serious about spending a dollar, checking the price of the same product here and there, too.
From the action triggered by the smaller amount of money of yours than the amount of money that makes you feel secure and wealthy, we might not be able to buy many products but at least we can see so many stores and products. There might be tons of people on the opposite side of the planet who would be so happy to see that as well. By that action, we get to know the difference of the stores, and from that, we can learn what we like and what we can see. We can enjoy doing so, and we can collect our own data of affordable shopping. We can test shopping before and after big meals and see the difference in demands.

We can be sharp about what we want when we are poor. We can be smarter and more thoughtful about spending, which might bring you the actual money later own.

We can finally focus on creating and doing on our own, too, in the era of floods of materials, knowledge, and information.

When we only have bread, we can chew more to taste something sweeter, which will train your brain, and make you healthier and smarter.

By witnessing the wealth we already have around you like the mother nature, the shops, the clouds, or our minds that cry out viewing our bank account, we become able to know how many assets we have. The vision, the sound, the thoughts, the idea, the accidents, the inspirations, the emotions, the people…

We can think of our money history and spending behavior as well as attracting behavior. Do we wait for more income? Do we enjoy that? Do we get a lot without even realizing so?

We can see more value in our original asset, not the trading signals we use in our modernized world that is money that might let us skipping the joy of creating and inventing. If you are fantastic at trading things to things and having conversations, you might not even need that countable multi-trading well-decorated bills that could actually spoil your brilliant capabilities and the opportunities for your breath-taking self-expression. It’s important to see that because what matters is you and your happiness.

We can then gradually be better at building the relationship with money if we want. We can ditch money and boycott money-central living if we want, too.

We can have none, and live with the fear of not having enough, make friends with it, to really bloom your richness. We can control every cent to become able to manage and maintain the ideal large income.

We are rich already, and by deeply sinking in the richness we already have, someday we can get on the rollercoaster of financial freedom.

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