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Why it is important to JOIN THE CLUB!

Has anyone not yet joined the club you are supposed to be in? Are you the kind of looking for sneaky dirty little secret not joining the club for real? It is important to join the club even if you do not want to – because there are stuff we do never see always.

Case 1. You are stronger when deeply connected by joining than standing on your own in that group

Even in the case where you would certainly be the victim of the group leader in some ways by just joining and even if you are feeling like you are not getting much by being there, it is important to keep getting deeper involved until you feel like you own that group. Even if the group itself was not run by someone who would completely be on your side, by creating the horizontal network, you can be stronger than the founder and be the good disrupting kinds – not being victimized and getting angry.

Case 2. You are in the group with the reasons that you do not like

It is the same in this case, too. Even if you feel like you have to be a part of it and not loving the fact that you belong to the group, if you belong there, you belong there no matter what you feel. Often people have fantasy of being able to live a magically happy life without anything they do not like about themselves. But in fact, that sort of dream can be achieved by becoming to like what they can’t stand in their life – or at least be able to see them with love and acceptance. While you are rejecting something, you are rejecting the good juice of it, too.

Case 3. You won’t be able to see what you ought to see without joining the club

The rule of living in the hell is to really deal with the hell. The great thing about the hell is that you get the kind of power that you never knew you had. Just like that, without really joining the club and dealing with everything that you have to, you won’t be able to see what it really is, or you won’t be able to be the real part of it. Getting deeply engaged is the key for your success in that group, too. If you do not like something about it, make more friends, and get involved with the group even more. By participating in creating the future of the group, you will feel happier, too.


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It is usually your pride that separates you and the rest of your group. But the trick is that without getting deeply involved with them, you won’t be able to really understand the greatness they have. Without it, your pride will tell you to stay out of it, also from the fear for seeming the same as what you see in them when you do not see the greatness in them.

You have what you see in others anyway – so without you knowing and feeling the greatness of others in your group, you cannot melt whatever negative you see in them, hence it will stay inside of you, too. With love and forgiveness, you will then be able to see what you have in common in you with love and acceptance, and finally bloom that part in the way you really like.

So trust yourself, believe in your faith, and jump in.

Compared to not joining the club, joining the club feels much better, too.

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