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LIVE, don’t die. The right way to go is to LIVE MORE, always. Why suicide is bad.

Living is difficult – said some tribal religions, and a global religion.

Even if you die for someone else or for your own justice, if you throw away your life by yourself, it means that you throw away the people you would have met and saved. If you could ever imagine how many people a single person can make smile by just doing something silly, I believe you know what I mean.

We all want to contribute to the group or the society as a part of it, and we do feel fulfilled by trying to pursue the common goals in a group. However, belonging to a group that conflicts with some other groups can be your separation.

But if whatever we are doing is leading us not to live, first we need to know that we are only causing that situation by ourselves alone.

Things have multiple sides and dimensions. By accepting what is happening in front of you as it is without any meanings attached to it, we can understand them and build greater relationships.

No matter what kind of situations I am in,

Yes, it is me who cause this to happen.

Yes, it is me who want this to happen.

Yes it is me who made this happen.

This will allow you to go back to yourself. When we face our real feelings, that is when those strong emotions start getting healed.

Just like getting promoted in a company, getting ascended can make you feel like you are losing something.

Your dealing with your personal feelings can never get in the way of your personal growth.


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