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The Surprising Truth About “REVENGE”

The world is one, and we are all one.

Living in our brilliant world, time to time, we feel like revenging, or we get some revenging opportunities. It almost makes sense to us to carry out “REVENGE” but there are some tricks and traps for us to do so. Understanding what it really means, we can rebuild our happy, authentic, our own success. (Because everyone is different and your “real success” must keeps you happy and authentic.)

  1. REVENGING will only satisfy some parts of us that are saying that we want to beat the other one, which HAD STOPPED MOVING FORWARD AT THE TIME OF your loss. It means that by the shock of the gap of the result of something from which you had expected your glorious victory, especially when you never thought the other one would beat you in the fight that exist in your idea. Your mind as well as some parts of yourselves are trapped at that time on that scene, and therefore your thoughts based on that shock usually does not make sense in the reality.
  2. REVENGING exists with separation, and separation only causes YOUR internal conflicts. For example, if someone steals your pen, you might get upset, but you probably won’t do the same to that person. It would be easy for you to forgive him and let go. You might think that he had forgotten your pen. You can get angry over a pen, but usually we would not care much about it and try to do something else to protect your property and manage what you possess. But it would be different if that person steals something that you cannot believe someone takes. In that moment, you separate yourself from that person and start having a negative feeling. But we only see our world from our view points which are the tiny one of the billions of millions of them. ONLY if we think we might do something unbelievably upsetting others, and if we let go of the events and the feelings, we can move forward and “graduate” from that emotional conflicts.
  3. REVENGING is a trap/meaningless action itself to get drugged into the other one’s mind stories. What is the point of making effort to satisfy other people’s minds stories? You never know the reasons of the other people’s actions and words perfectly, (because we are always 80% perfect even when we think we are perfect). It is as if, you buy a bread, find a needle in the bread, get upset, go back to the bakery, sneak into the kitchen, put in more needles in the bread. It is a sacrifice of greater you which the world never wants.
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Here is another example. You are a beautiful young lady, but you feel like you were stolen your happiness from someone less intelligent than you. Or someone that does not seem that smart had slept with your man. Your revenge, will be something like your playing a fake you that is ”NOT A CUTIE (but a smartie)” having to fight with “A CUTIE (being beaten up by YOU, smartie not cutie). But the “cutie not smartie” could be a you when you were younger or the parts of you who you have forgotten about. By separating, you are attacking your ”CUTIE” parts inside of yourself. With your infinite creativity, you CAN have all of them, not being a “smartie not cutie”. And with your greater love, you will realize that the cutie was you yourself letting you know that you have your cutie inside that desires to shine like that. In such case, attacking the “cutie not smartie” would not solve the problem but would separate you more from the “cutie” inside of you.

We have many sides and our desires have many aspects. If we revenge, we automatically say to the world that the other one was a huge impact on us (to which we have no power) and they deserve a lot of energy from us. It is important to really feel and recognize how we felt, why so, how so, as well as how we see the other one, and how that makes us feel. By understanding us more through such exercise, we get back our great power to grow even more.




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