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Why Love Is All That Matters To Us

We say love is all, a lot. And here is Planet Gem-Star’s understandings of it.

Love is all, because everything is made with love.
Anything in the world is made with love, and even what does not seem to be rooted in love are some parts of love. We need to love our world to understand that, but with our love to our world, we can get that, which means, we do receive such love that IS our world.

We move forward with love to reach more love. It is usually difficult to love everything from the beginning. We encounter difficulties, issues, problems, unwanted results… but if we can only love ourselves and our world, we can move forward more easily to actually release more love and receive more love.

When we love someone, we become stronger. but even when we are not required to necessarily love, like a daily work and job, with love to the world, we can move forward. No matter what we get as a result, if we keep loving even so, we can continue moving forward.

Happiness relies a lot on how we FEEL not what we have. For example, living with multiple roommates, even if we don’t get along much, usually gives you, or triggers you to have, the feeling of happiness. And it is normally more so than paying too much money for a unaffordable gorgeous house to live in by ourselves. Ultimately, therefore, our world is not about things or money, neither what we want are, but love is.

“Love” can be selfish, violent, twisted and one-way, but with greater love, we can cure such “love”, too. So in the end, love is all.

We tend to misunderstand that the phrase “love is all” mainly means that we should not go for money or things but for love for our partners. However, we can choose to eliminate any relationship problems that sit in between your financial success. What is more important is that if we love our world and love our partners, we should be able to go beyond the limiting beliefs that are causing such dilemma and create even greater relationship with love.

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Love is our drive and our solutions. We can love what we don’t want to see or have, which leads us to tackle, solve and re-love it. If we love, we can keep serving to our world, which eventually lets us love our world even more.

What is important to realize is even when you don’t feel like you are “loved”, the truth is that you are surrounded by the biggest love all the time. Love the world that does not give you the kind of “love” you wish on the surface because the opportunity to try to see the “love” in everything itself is love. If we can keep our world that goes up and down going crazy once a while, we can all get connected and enhance the world to create even greater love.

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