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Make Friends With Your Diseases

Suffering from diseases is definitely one of the hardest parts in our life. It is something that we really would like to avoid if we could, however, in the process of curing and healing, there are some mindsets that can help to lessen the hardship.


1. It is a message from another you 

Sounds scary? Even it is the most serious diseases, it is our signal that our precious bodies send to us. We tend to believe that diseases are something very bad from outside, but just like the attacks and victimized minds, there should be some factors inside of our body, mind, lifestyle and so on. The world is becoming more and more convenient, and to make it better or worse, we act as if all the new great cool stuff are for all of us. No, not at all. We should feel happy having so many options and be able to pick our own lifestyle, but it is so hard to do so. So time to time, our bodies turn out to be a signal box to tell us the right direction to the happier place.


2. Admit it and let go

Even though it is nobody’s fault to get sick, if you keep refusing to face it, it is most likely to get bigger to let you know that it does exist. In the meantime, if you accept it and start seriously living with it, to the point where you appreciate it for all the messages and lessons it gives you, regardless of your condition, you may step up to the happier place. It is especially important for those who tend to blame on himself for his illness and feel guilty about not functioning well because in general people feel less confident and positive about themselves when they are sick. It is, too, something that your universe gives you for you.


3. Make a friend with it

If we all need sickness, and there are some parts of us who rely on it…then it is a precious part of our universe that come to our parts with love. In order to build a better relationship with your own body and health, treat it as if it is alive. It could be a bad, cheeky, little wild one that yet loves you from all of his hearts.

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If we are together with our body and mind forever, we want to be in a better relationship. Because of the mass production and the economic prosperity that lets us dump, pick and get any new alternatives so easily, it must be the precious chance to learn what really is important for us.







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