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When someone harms you, it is a chance to make friends with the parts of you that you have not been able to see.
The parts that invite the attacks and the parts that are attached to the benefit
from the attacks.

INVITE? Yes. We let that happen to attack them back to diminish them only because we can’t trust them to turn into something better or less worse. and that’s because we only see them as something to eliminate. We believe that we are great and problemless without them. Or we believe in the power of threatening to gain what our judgement defines as something we should gain from the encounter.

The enemies that only go crazily attacking us can be seen just like our laziness that ”attacks” our growth that otherwise only stays wildly powerful.

In such case, our proper defense is the form of our ”greeting”. We can shift our mind from macro to micro to ”attack back” not on the same level with the enemies to prevent the harm and to start creating the capacity to accept the beauty of encounter.

One way to get out of the vicious cycle is to put our feet in the other ones shoes without our rules and values taken into consideration. Often we see the other ones making their best effort to ”live”. If they are only in survival, it makes sense that they see us as enemies because our existense is their ”threat”. If you are the one who realize that first, it is recomended to be giving, not attacking. Give more, living beyond the fear for scarsity. Give your world because that’s what would make US live, too.



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