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Why Ignorance Doesn’t Work – the beauty of encounter

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When we meet someone and greet with each other, we open the positive pipe in between. It is a proper way to meet someone in many countries and is based on trust and the positivity of each existence.

We are very target oriented and aren’t developed to see everything. For example, a giraffe might be able to view widely in the forests but a cheater sees a head of them not around them. We see beautiful scenery but not bacteria.

The world loves us more than we can see, too.

When we decide not to get involved with some people, we start to ignore them and establish our lives without them. At that point we choose not to see the beauty of encounter we have between we and them. It is usually because of some decent reasons like, what they talk about is not fun, etc., etc.

But such ignorance is violence. Not just a violence to them and their existence but to us as well.

The only way to go is to admit their existence in our friends circles not in a special list of “to be deleted” and be mindful about them, not to “ignore” them. Like stated above, we only see what we can see and what we are focused, but the world constantly loves us for every single part we have, which is the only reason why our short term focus isn’t ruling the world. When it annoys us, it is telling us how powerful it is and how equally powerful ourselves are that require and deserve the love from that encounter. It is recommended to praise the world threatening huge power as a new unknown soon to be back ours because we, too, exist and we both created that power.

We are love givers but at the same time, we must receive the greater love. Ignorance cuts the way to receive what we ought to have that we don’t see yet. Similarly, wars/fights first ruins the love line. It is only the reflection of our existing temporary solutions to the unknown encounter and we can always go beyond that.

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