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Why War/Fight Is NOT A Solution – the beauty of encounter

The beauty of human encounter is miraculous as we know, but we tend to ignore it when the encounter causes something negative.
It is however only within us that makes it negative and in any cases, it is great.

We first plan to invade or take over a land or their stuff. Even if you don’t, some people do. What’s important here is that both parties’ focus is on what they can recognise. however, the gifts of encounter always exist in what they don’t likely to find out first. Between human beings, it can only be discovered in natural friendship and that sort.

Even when we decide not to make friends with someone, there still are some responsibilities on both sides, and therefore, they usually end up experiencing the feelings that the other parties had been through that disturbed the positive relationship building. And we would understand it to be able to forgive both parties including themselves, which only brings them back to their neutral point without any progress. The similar encounters with the same conflicts will repeat in their lives until they learn that and accept the gifts of that encounter.
Some encounters and the related relationship may contain the elements that require them to transform. Such transformation can be painful for the necessity of letting go what they have been used to be attached to, whether it’s their identity persona that they have been believed that represent them, or the victimised feeling to support the wounds they get during this process that also support them to believe that they are right but the other party needs to change for them. Knowing that letting go of what we don’t need itself is a hard task, and it is extremely difficult to identify what we won’t need anymore in long term, it is them who are stopping them from the greater happiness of the harmony.

Another obstacle that can be stopping us from the beauty of encounter and that keeps us neutral or below that is the feeling of being able to select. Human beings feel happy by having multiple choices and they might be making up such illusional fake options. When we exist, we must co-exist. The possibilities are that they make them blinded to get such fast&bad food of the human encounter to satisfy them temporarily.


To make things worse, it somewhat sounds smart to be selective and it has the sentiment of eliticism. However, the more strongly we believe that only we are right, we would need someone acting wrong. What’s right or wrong isn’t universally unified.


Provided that the world is love, whatever in our lives must be love, too. But to select one among many to take and to put a label of ”non-coexistable” to the other ones eliminates and supresses such love that the latter ones should send to us. The world is so great that it can’t stop sending us such love.

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