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It is difficult to achieve your goal if you have many negative feelings about what you are doing. So many times, our ancestors and our past souls have been through difficulties, and you yourself have probably gone through hard times in the past, so it is natural to get lost or worry too much about what you should not feel like that about.

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Anxiety Detox Morning Work

  1. Get up in the morning and feel what is in your heart. You may try a few minutes meditation.
  2. Take the worksheet that you can download from this page, and pick a topic that you want to work with. It is recommended to pick the one you need to focus the most, or the one you cannot stop thinking about.
  3. Freely write down your anxiety. If it is the examination, write down all the anxious feelings in your mind/heart, such as “I am worried that nothing’s going to work out at all.”, or “I am worried that I will end up disappointing my girlfriend by messing things up.”
  4. After a few minutes of anxiety detox writing, affirm to yourself that you will choose the way that are not what your anxiety is showing. Take a deep breath, and say to yourself that you will choose to grow and move forward to where you want to be.
  5. After that, you may burn the paper or tear it off hard to purify your negative feelings.