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Free Sharable Psychic Protection Flame

This is for those who feel like they have been sick or unlucky. In spite that people tend to avoid blaming on others for their damages or disasters, it can be considered to be reasonable to suspect some evil influence could be causing what you do not want in your life. Yet by overcoming those attacks, you may learn the brighter side about people around you. Without protecting you from others if you feel like you are getting unreasonable damages from them, you may not build healthy relationship with them therefore it will be even more difficult to force you to believe that everyone is nice. Please use this if you have a stiffed neck problem, too, because they say that attacking thoughts and behaviors cause a stiffed neck pain problem.

This is supposed to protect others from your own psychic attack, too.



White Protection Energy Bubble

This is also for those who feel like they are moved or are controlled by others, or that they are being influenced in a bad way.



Money Freedom Empowerment

This is for those who have the negative money image or those who cannot believe in their unlimited money freedom power.



Allowing Abundance Attunement

This is to get rid of all the energy around you that is disturbing you from getting the abundance you deserve. Basically people deserve the unlimited fountain of abundance and money, and they also have the unlimited possibilities.