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Have you ever felt that you are or you want to withdraw from something that you would otherwise enjoy or that you wish you could enjoy doing? Have you ever say no to great opportunities to grow your talents because your society do not seem to support you? How about wonderful parties you did not have the guts to ask any friends to go to with?

If you have any guilty feeling stopping you from moving forward, you might feel like that. It is good that you do not force it to happen.

Listen to your heart. Do you feel guilty achieving your dreams? Do you feel like you have to give way to your friends first? Do you ever feel that you do not deserve that you want?

How about money? Do you feel like you deserve the financial freedom you wish you have?

Among all the great success making strategies and technics out there such as yoga, meditations, affirmations, Planet GemStar would like to propose “Shadow Healing” with the light of magenta or gold.

  1. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and feel the guilty feelings that is in the way.
  2. Ask yourself, or try to feel the person who has the same feelings inside of yourself.
  3. With your eyes closed, visualize someone from the past, such as world war soldiers who went all the way to the opposite side of the earth to fight for his counties in vain, or those who suddenly got cruelly manslaughtered in the history without any reasonable reasons, or those who were isolated and discriminated for wrong reasons because of the unknown diseases. Usually the image you get is someone who has been through much more severe situations and had sad endings with unfulfilled feelings. (It can be said that it is reasonable to think that it is your ancestor or your past soul life, but here, it is just mentioned as “image” due to the fundamental fact that we can only see what we are willing to/able to see.)
  4. Feel the person, and send love to the person with magenta or gold light so that the light is brightening you and the person, and also connecting your heart and his/hers.
  5. Think how wonderful he/she was to try to live his/her life. You might feel that it was a sad ending, but let them know that it is beautiful and amazing that they lived like that, for example, “What a wonderful adventure to fly over to the other countries for your own country, you ruled the world! You are absolutely amazing to try to live in such difficult times, I admire you and I am proud of you. I love you.”
  6. Imagine you and that person getting filled with the shiniest and the most beautiful light. Now it is so beautiful and bright that you cannot recognize him/her anymore.
  7. You and him/her are one.
  8. When you feel like you are done, take some deep breath and open your eyes.


Excellent job! Well-done.