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Something happened in this universe and this planet was born, in our galaxy. Now we all live here. we are called human beings.


Why? We don’t really know. Are we more like brothers and sisters, are we meant to love each other, should we compete with each other, would we hate each other?


Let’s see the truth. Are we fighting with each other? The answer could be yes and no. Beyond that we all love one another.

We might be giving each other a piece of ourselves. In any communication or relationship, there could be fights and conflicts, but in the reality, it is a mixture of all the elements you and your counterpart send out.

Let’s see the action of others as their beautiful creation. Their words, behaviors, what they did to you, what they said to you…they are all made from some pieces of their lives, how they had perceived things, what they had felt, what they had gone through and of course their hearts and minds. All of them turn into parts of themselves that produces their creation to you and you receive their gifts in your own hearts and the way you see the world. Maybe some people’s creations are too harsh to see for you, but what a dramatic ambition there must had been inside of themselves! How hard it must have been that they have gone through! Have you ever been that passionate? Have you ever fought that tough? Do you have the acceptance that can perceive the beauty of it?


….are we really fighting each other? or are we all just helping each other to create the better future?


The inspiration and the chemistry will put you up on the different level, where you are more free and greater.


You are not just born on your birthday.  Do you know that your body knows the long history that you and your ancestors had been through?   Some people say your soul is from ancient times, some people say that you have multiple bodies that are so transparent that no one can see.


Planet-Gemster believes that by accepting everything you have, you become an individual with the true life purpose, and by achieving your life purpose or going toward that direction, all aspects of your life will be fulfilled. In such world, only love exists.


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