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I want this world to be filled with love and happiness. I no longer want to suffer from pain I get from my own anger and hate. I no longer want to be scared of jealousy I feel from people I love. I no longer want to misunderstand the world. I no longer want anyone to spend meanless time fighting. I no longer want to wish I was happy.  I have experienced many dirty scenes, negative emotions, stupidity that let people to ignore what is very important, fearful illusions, angar and hate, and have always just wanted to be happy – happily smiling days with laughter and love. However, it is also something that bad people think when they commit crimes … it is also what we think when we make mistakes. There are many studies out there about happiness, but really, don’t we just want to be happy without wanting it?


Welcome to Planet-Gemstar!  This is the place where you may find some information and the latest news for you to live in the peace and happiness that you wish and deserve.

Planet-Gemstar believes that everyone has a infinite possibility to achieve their ultimate happiness no matter who he is, where he belongs, or what he believes in.

Nowadays, both neuroscientists and spiritual leaders tell us that it is not just how hard you try that leads you to what you want, but it is “the effortless effort” that should drive you to succeed in your life.

Let us be all free from what we see, feel and think every day, and start living with your own peace and happiness. Be the center of your world, be the energy that you wish.

The way we think about the world and ourselves have been changed dramatically. This is not a bad thing, it is a great thing, and we should break, say good bye to, and graduate from the old and welcome new ideas that really serve us.

I named this website “Planet Gemstar” believing that someday we can all realize that we really are the gems that shine in our own ways and no one can be the same, nor no one can be better than anyone in that sense. I say this, because we never really knew what was right, what would be right, and what will be right. We live our lives, and we create our rules to live together. The world can be upside down, and what you think worth millions of dollars would not stay the same in terms of value that we see in them.

Thank you for visiting Planet Gemstar! Please enjoy!


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