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Everyone is the most precious piece of the whole universe where all the elements connects with each other in unlimited dimensions. What you know now is the outcome of your effort, your resource, your intelligence, your experiences, your ancestors, your soul, and everything else around you, and thus it cannot have eternal power over anything. But, we have each other. So we are good to go.


When your mind is occupied with ego, or is under strong control of it, you think you are superior to the others because you know everything. But, you cannot not be better at everything.


スライド2Separation causes fights. And separation weakens people.



Everyone is different. It is natural and we have to be like this. We cannot be the same.


スライド4You might be alive thanks to the others. It is not that you are always being disturbed even though you are doing the right thing. The definition of the right thing could be different. So we create a rule to live together. So that everyone is happier than before.


スライド5Admit your enemy as your best friend, then see the new door will open. It is important to keep it in mind that this transformation is not easy. So write it in your bold pen on your brain to live with harmony of the universe to create a happier life. Not just for yourself, but for everyone else.