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Often people have prejudice and the stereo type of other groups. The groups of people who are strongly bonded with each other, such as family and social groups, have the common purpose, and to achieve that, they can cooperate with each other.

To effectively live in this world full of unknown mysteries, we have developed ways to see people.

  • If he/she was from …., he must be/is ……
  • If he/she has ……, he must be/is……
  • If he/she is ….., he must be/is…….
  • If he/she does …….., he/she must be/is……..
  • If he/she says …….., he/she must be/is…..

Further analysis

Let’s think about where they come from. Usually they come from your mothers before you were born. It could have been your fathers or anyone who could have affected you into your subconscious mind. It was important for them to know such things for them to live their lives, therefore it impacted so deeply that it reached you as a baby. Or, it could have been just an accident that was so difficult to overcome that he/she had to be convinced by the ideas that are rather low in mind status.  In order that the above still make sense to you, it has to at least fulfill the following conditions:

  1. That the judgement has to be done in the same environment where same things mean a lot to you as they do to your mothers/fathers.
  2. That the judgement has to be done with exactly the same mindset and the mind-status.
  3. That the judgement has to be made to the similar context of the conversation or the encounter of the two.
  4. …..and more.


What are the chances to be exactly like the person who lived many decades ago than you and have the same environment? No way the above formula we have created are always right – the world is changing everyday and therefore we need to get out of the existing categorization and prejudice that causes wrong perceptions of others.




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The same thing can be said to the life events. When you have too much emotional connection with the events that only allow you to see it in a certain way, you might want to step back and see if you have any events that are similar in the past. If you do, that is your blockage or whatever negative that are INSIDE of yourself.

Generally speaking, categorizing and prejudice are self-defense system to protect yourselves from fear of making mistakes in the human relationships. We are living in the universe where everything is connected, therefore, it is significantly difficult to live without being in a good relationship with others. You get misunderstood, because you are not expressing yourself well in the way it can be understood to the listener. It can be caused by your lack of communication or knowledge about the listener. If you are strongly connected with yourself, your words and actions will be aligned with who you are. But because it is difficult (or has been difficult) to always stay in the proper condition to speak with other people, sometimes people are in danger where they cannot care about how others will perceive you, and sometimes people are not strong or healthy enough.

No matter how difficult life seems to be and no matter how hard you feel like you want to group up certain people and judge them, it is wrong and we are wise enough to know that. Let’s sit back, relax, and get back at the center of yourself where you are not affected by fear or your past.